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HOLD Spreads the Colors of Love in Macau, China

FOR THREE consecutive weekends in July, between July 11 and July 26, the Handmaids of the Lord led by Bernie Cuevas, HOLD Country Coordinator for China, together with mission volunteers ( MVs) Grace Buntag and Baby Valle and Christina Hwang from HOLD Australia, conducted the Colors of Love Echo Conferences in China and Macau.

The conference in Macau was attended by CFC and HOLD leaders from Guangzhou and Hongkong. What made the Macau Conference different and successful was the full participation of CFC and the other Family Ministries who acted as the service team as well as performers.

The SFCs managed the program direction, the Servants of the Lord provided the band music, and the Youth for Christ were the emcees for the opening night dubbed as ‘Hats Off to Love’. 

In keeping with the opening night theme, the Handmaids all wore beautiful hats. The CFC brothers who were there as support were not exempted from the hat requirement. HOLD leaders Helen Remotigue and Jho Ciar, who attended the ICON in Laguna, gave Talks 2 and 3, while Baby Vale, Grace Buntag and Bernie Cuevas delivered Talks 1, 4 and 5, respectively.

The main conference was well received, and very joyful. Still, tears flowed during the healing session in Talk 5. Everyone went home feeling refreshed and grateful for the love of the Lord, and responded with enthusiasm to love more with all the colors of love.

Colors of Love was the first ever HOLD Conference in North China, given in the Chinese language. Worthy of special mention was the presence of the mission volunteer from Australia, Christina Hwang, a Chinese Burmese who also served as the team’s interpreter during the entire mission.

Since all the HOLD sisters there were local Chinese, and only the interpreter could speak Chinese, the team learned to communicate by body language and to use the most effective communication of all, the language of love. The mission team likewise learned that differences in language is no barrier in communicating when it is done in love, full attentiveness, and sensitivity. The mission team expressed its gratitude to CFC China leaders and the CFC heads of Macau, Danny and Senen Ngo, for their wholehearted support for the Handmaids of the Lord.

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