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Faith, Freedom, Fun and Fellowship in Daklak Province

THE CFC Youth for Christ conducted a youth camp last June 5 to 7, 2015 at the parish of Chau Son, Ban Me Thuot City, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam for the Catechism students, ages 13 – 20, of the Chau Son Parish. There were 60 participants of the camp and 36 of them—25 girls and 11 boys, all of them Vietnamese—committed themselves to become members of the CFC Youth for Christ. The camp was conducted after a year of dedicated visits by their Area Head Odilon and Rowena Barbosa, assisted by their counterpart Joachim.

It all started when Odie invited a small group of young people who wanted to learn English through songs. Equipped with his talent, and much trust in God, Odie and Joachim patiently visited the area every month, conducting guitar classes and at the same time the monthly CFC gathering. The lessons, and gatherings, initially started at Thanh Tam Parish (Cathedral) of Ban Me Thuot, then in Chau Son Parish, and in another parish in the far district of the Diocese at the Parish of Quang Da.

When the group of youth in the parishes of Thanh Tam (Cathedral) and Chau Son were ready for the camp, CFC Saigon organized a team led by Rick and Winella Montera, with the help of Joachim. The team was composed of YFC members Emily Rosales, Angela Linh Ubaldo, Juan Nathanielz, Tran Anaya and Yael Verrano; SFC member Diane Belandres, and the music ministry composed of Philip and Jaja Malabanan, Josephine and Marris Bravo.

Anthony Hung and John Baptist Tuat translated the manuals and talks in preparation for the camp. Youth for Christ's 4F's (Faith, Freedom, Fun and Fellowship) were the team’s guiding principles in conducting the camp. Though the team was a mixture of new and old members, the camp flowed with ease despite the challenges of time, culture and of course language.

Even though most of the team members were unable to speak the native language, they were still able to express themselves, were understood and able to understand the activities that were happening.

The seed has been planted in the hearts of these young people; the great challenge ahead is how to nurture that seed.

Added on Friday, July 31, 2015


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