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OVERDRIVE: The breakthrough in our crossroads

“JESUS is the same, yesterday, today and forever.”

This verse from Hebrews 13:8 was the anchor verse of the Jesus and Me or simply JAM Night—a praise concert of the CFC Youth for Christ Iloilo held last July 17 at the Leganes Gym, Iloilo. The concert gathered more than 700 youth hungry to praise and worship God in the spirit of the theme “Overdrive: the breakthrough in our crossroads”.

Consecrating the event to Jesus through Mary, CFC YFC Iloilo officially opened the evening with the Holy Rosary, followed by a throwback video of YFC activities. Fifty percent of this gateway evangelization campaign were non-YFCs, hence, one feature of the night was the teaching of songs, with emphasis on the essence of the praise and worship.

Sessions followed immediately, with Renz Christian Narida, sector youth head, as the first speaker. “Life is the greatest journey one will ever be embarking on,” he began. “It is a journey rich in experiences and learnings.”

The second speaker, Clyle Lyde E. Balansag, High school-based Program Head, stressed, “Along the road of our journey, we face challenges and struggles that could hinder us. There are many crossroads and stops along the way. What must we do?”

The third speaker, Sheena Mae Planto, Cluster Youth Head, challenged, “Which path will you take—to follow God’s will or your will?” Three other YFC members gave personal testimonies on their respective journeys, particularly on their attachment to material things, brokenness and uncertainties, and how they overcame these struggles.

The session concluded with the community dancing to the rhythm of the Kids for Christ song, Adventure of a Lifetime performed by the South Band.

The praisefest was led by Sherwin Dave Judicpa, YFC fulltime pastoral worker. In his exhortation, Judicpa encouraged the youth to “Discover your purpose and why God wanted you to go on this journey with Him.”

Sherwin presented the former leaders of the province to the crowd, who were joined by Singles for Christ members who transitioned from YFC and the couple coordinators, each of them holding a lit candle. Sherwin them thus: “The God of these leaders is indeed a great God, and the God that they have is the same God we have today, and He is still great. God is still great in this generation!”

He added, “There is no turning back. God is challenging us to continue the journey no matter what.”

The evening moved to dancing as the concert made way for a rave party. There were secular songs, balloons and dynamic production numbers which led the young crowd to an awesome experience of what YFC calls clean, holy fun. (John Christian Lacao)

Added on Thursday, July 30, 2015


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