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CCF Lakbay Aral Presents Models of Stability
Last February 20, 2015, 29 delegates of the CFC Co-operatives Federation from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao went on a visitation tour of eight successful primary cooperatives and a Co-op Financial Federation.

Dubbed “Lakbay Aral”, the tour included the Cebu Vendors Credit Cooperative; Cebu People’s Multipurpose Cooperative; Guadalupe Community Multipurpose Cooperative; and Philippine Cooperative Financial Federation, all from the City of Cebu; Taiyo Yuden Employees Cooperative (TAYEMCO) together with its subsidiaries—Tri-CVentures Consumers Cooperative and TAYEMCO Power Youth Laboratory Coop in Lapu-lapu City; Cordova Multipurpose Cooperative and its sister coop, the Cordova Cooperative Catholic School in the municipality of Cordova.

The CCF delegation also toured the four-storey building of the host coop, the Tekton Entre Multipurpose Cooperative and the Coops for Christ-Cebu.

The delegates all expressed delight at being part of the tour. As they put it, for a very minimal registration fee of P850.00, they were able to gain insights a thousand-fold on how to improve the growth of their own Coops for Christ primaries.

The delegates cited one particular programthe initiative of the Guadalupe MPC on utilizing the members’ contribution of P200.00 per year per member for their building fund. Thus, with the accumulation of the building fund generated from its more than 6,000 members, the cooperative was able to construct its own four-storey coop building, valued at P30M and located in a prime location in Guadalupe, Cebu City, without any external financing.

The CFC Cooperatives Federation is comprised of all Co-ops for Christ primary cooperatives from all over the Philippines. Its main objective is to organize cooperatives within Couples for Christ into one strong body that will support the CFC undertakings, especially in community development and livelihood. (Mely Verano)
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