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LiveLoud 2014 Rocks ULTRA
10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... And the crowd went wild!

Such was the anticipation for LiveLOUD 2014 to begin that the Philippine Sports Arena/ ULTRA couldn't contain the energy of the 8,000 young people gathered for the most-awaited praise concert of the year.

As early as 6:00 PM, during the celebration of the Mass of the Pentecost, priest presider Fr. Kune Garganta, the Executive Secretary for the Episcopal Commission on the Youth, said, "I could feel the tremor of energy reverberating throughout this arena!"

In his homily, Fr. Kune added, "It took me a few minutes to get inside this hall. And as I was struggling to enter, I said to myself, 'What a beautiful sight! Young people lining up to enter this place!' Because I know there is something wonderful that will happen here tonight!"

And true enough, the crowd wasn't disappointed. From the first strains of the first song, down to the last drum beat of the final song, LiveLOUD 2014 proclaimed one singular message that evening: that people are hungry for God, and that there is nothing worth doing than to worship the Lord for eternity.

Noli Manuel, CFC Singles for Christ International Coordinator, led the entire arena into a progression of praising and worship, and not one soul was left un-blessed, if ever there was such a word.

Personal testimonies by Patrick Bautista of Metro Manila, Ellish Maigue-Talacca of Canada, and Onnel Tolentino, a missionary, affirmed how great God is and how mighty His works are in every individual's life.

Bautista, who was born blind, discovered his talent for music at a very early age. And despite his being differently-abled, he is able to praise the Lord through his music.

Talacca, on the other hand, used her need for healing from a past abortion to be able to write a song about healing. A line from the song she composed and sang which goes, "So if I break into a million pieces, I pray to You Lord Jesus, make me anew!" is a cry, a desperate need of each person to be restored by the love that only God can give.

A thug-turned-missionary, Tolentino shared, "Kung noon, baril ang aking proteksyon, ngayon, Bibliya at Rosaryo ang dala ko sa misyon." (If in the past, I relied on guns for protection, now I carry my Bible and Rosary to accompany me on mission.)

Truly, LiveLOUD is beginning to establish itself as one of the biggest praise concerts in the country. With original songs that are inspiring and quite easy to learn and follow, it could, in fact, progress into a local version of Australia's Hillsong.

But no matter where God will lead LiveLOUD, for as long as the Spirit continues to inspire men and women to write original songs of God's love, healing, grace and mercy, LiveLOUD is here to stay. So that every soul "may sing praise to You and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever!" (Psalm 30:12) [Text by A. Alvarez; photos by Romy and Harmony Medina]
Added on Friday, June 27, 2014


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