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PONDERINGS: The Standard of Christ
SCRIPTURE READING: Matthew 10:1- 4 The Mission of the Twelve
FOCUS: Vs. 1 – “Then He summoned His twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits to drive them out and to cure every disease and every illness.”
            Jesus gave authority to the twelve whom He called. Whomever He calls, He empowers. The empowerment is complete and full. The empowerment mirrors the things He Himself had done. Jesus was not interested in containing the power to Himself so that He alone would be the superstar—the only figure who was sought after – the only one who was popular.
             His goal was not just to multiply Himself; nor to reach out to as many people and as many places as possible. His goal was to make His mission live on… and on… and on… beyond His lifetime on earth; beyond the holy land.
             The wonder of it all is that He trusted those whom He called to do His mission—as His authorized extensions. Scrutinizing His chosen ones, the world may wonder and eventually object to their lack of worldly qualifications. But they were Jesus’ elects, not perfect, not the ideal—but His choices just the same. And who would dare to question that?
             What do I learn from Jesus ‘ example? Do I look at worldly qualifications as I see someone working in God’s vineyard? I hope not. I ought not to. When I see faults, weaknesses, shortcomings in anyone of God’s servants—I ought to examine myself, for I too may have the very same faults without one even being aware of them. I need constant vigilance plus true humility to save me from my own finding eyes and judgemental, critical heart.
            Dear Lord, I offer myself to you. Use me as you would want to use me. Please turn all my weaknesses to strengths. Have all my strengths from good… to better… to best! Please develop all my potentials so that I may give you the “best version of myself”. Amen.
1.    Perhaps, there may be some character defects you have which are your blind spots. Who is one person you can trust to help and point them out to you?
2.    Identify the names of your “inner circle”—if there is any. How do you help each other grow spiritually and develop godly virtues?
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