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PONDERINGS: Our "Every" "All"
SCRIPTURE READING: Matthew 9:35-38 (The Compassion of Jesus)

FOCUS: Verse 35  “ Jesus went around to all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues,proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom, healing every disease and illness."
            Two words catch our attention: all and envy. Compared to the other major key words, they may seem minor or not very significant. But seen in the light of Jesus intention, it is quite a revelation! It shows that Jesus is no respecter of which places to go to – (choosing the more preferred, prestigious, popular, or much more well – known.) He went everywhere—to all the placesbig or small, rich or poor, impressive or simple. All the places were of equal importance to Him. Wherever there were people in needHe sought them out, He went to them. In this reading, He did not wait for an invitation. He took the first move; He made the first step towards the people, He initiated the encounter.
             He healed every disease and illness. Each sick person was restorednot just given hopebut were actually made whole again. Jesus made no demand for the sick to come back another time. There wasnot even a sign of an intention to make the poor sick to wait , later, in a while or when I’m not too busy… when I am not too tired. The moment of their need was the exact moment He ministered to each one.
             What about me? Do I choose the places, the people I go to as I evangelize or minister to God’s flock? I ought to follow Jesus’ way. Every place is THE PLACE to proclaim the message of the Gospel. He goes to evry person whose life He wants to touch through me. I simply need to cooperate. I simply need to obey.
            Jesus, please help me to do as you have done. Lead me to whoever and whenever you want me to go. Just show me the way. Amen.
  1. Have you ever felt intruded to by someone who needed your help, attention or presence at a time most inconvenient to you? Please narrate the situation and your response.
  2. Who among the members of your family, (or friends, or household) needs healing or help the most? What concrete support can be given?

By Nina Faustino - Ponte
Added on Monday, June 16, 2014


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