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PONDERINGS: The Calling of the Sinner
SCRIPTURE READING: Matthew 9:9-13 (The Call of Matthew) 
FOCUS: Verse 9:13b “I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
            Who am I to judge who is righteous, and who is a sinner? God did not anoint me, nor does He anoint anyone to pass judgement on the condition of anyone’s heart. Do I see the unseeable? Do I hear the unhearable? Do I perceive the unperceivable? Do I feel what cannot be felt? If I am sensitive and perceptive enough, I may answer “YES” at times. But it can never be “YES” at all times. And even if I say “YES”, how sure am I that I am right? Can I claim perfection? Of course not! Only God is perfect!
             So, why do I dare pass judgement on anyone? Who am I to pronounce: “This one is righteous… this other one is not!” How dare I be precumptuous and declare (even just in my thought): “This one looks like a sinner… this one looks holy and devout.”
            Only God can see into the hearts of men. A seed of good might be sprouting in the heart of a sinful soul, unseen and unnoticed by anyone, not noticed even by the sinner himself. With God’s grace, in the right soil, at the right time, with the right nurturance (may be an act of love, kindness, thoughtfullness, compassion by someone who just casually touches his life or just passes his way), the seed may grow and may blossom to flowers that may eventually bear fruit.
            The fruit may just be one, not numerous. But if that one fruit may bear the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, this may be the beginning of an orchard of good—good deeds, good will, righteousness and godliness. So never, never judge. Rather, be ministers of love, understanding and kindness. God alone is the JUDGE.
            Oh God, never allow me to judge anyone so that I may not be judged. I pray that I do not lay a heavy hand of judgement upon the “book of life” and sin of anyone. Amen
1.    At times, it seems harder to evangelize our own family members or intimate friends, than people who are not even close to us. Name one person who is close to you whom you most desire to
2.    What course of action will you follow in order to succeed in your evangelization plan?
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