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PONDERINGS: The Question of Authority
SCRIPTURE READING: Mark 11:27 – 33 Authority of Jesus Questioned             
FOCUS: Verses 28
… and they said to Him, “ By what authority are you doing these things? Or who gave you this authority to do them?”
            The people who rejected Jesus were the ones in positions of top authority and power. They were the ones accorded with greatest importance and subservience because of the office they occupied. Hence,Jesus oppositors were the “WHO IS WHO” of His times.
         Jesus was a threat to their own security, enough reason for their envy and jealousy. Also, fear and insecurity  because once they lose their authority—they lose the power, honor, recognition, privileges that go with it. So, their pride whose utmost desire was to keep themselves aloft, well–known above everyone else was ready to strike. They would never sacrifice their altar of self–importance to Jesus authority, whose very presence shook their ground. This pride breeds hatred. Jesus authority was a threat to their own authority. Jesus must be eliminated. Crush item and His authority before He brings them to their downfall.
           That scenario is the very same scenario in life’s dramas of today. In today’s society, in whatever field we look—politics, government, civic, economic, education, etc.—the script remains the same. Even religious institution has not been exempt from this social malady. Pride and greed reign supreme in thearena of top – most authority and power. No one “in his right mind” would let go of the mighty pedestal one vs standing on. This virus of pride and greed remains unchecked. It continues to run its course. In fact, it was transcended from social – to moral bankruptcy – to spiritual battleground. A war rages between God’s Kingdom and reign vs. the evil at large.
             Hence, as in Jesus’ time … nothing has changed. The issue remains the same: The pride, greed and lust of man for authority which is the stage of his self-love and self-importance – against the authority of God who is the rightful authority as Owner of the Kingdom.
            Most powerful God, I seek the victory of my soul in my war against greed and pride and envy. But I cannot do it alone, Lord. Please help and sustain me. Open the eyes of my spirit to every little hint ofany of these sins; the most subtle sins of greed and pride and envy. Go down with me to my innermost core; uproot the sources of my sins and have them burned by the fire the Holy Spirit. Amen.
1.    Please comment on the following:
Every  action I make or every word I speak must be judged on the basis of these standars:
     a.    Pride or Humilty
     b.    Self-Importance or Obscurity
     c.    Greed or Self-giving
2.    What entitlement  in your life are you most afraid of losing? Why?
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