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ABLAZE Communications is involved in the production of audio-visual presentations and merchandizing of products that not only serve as tools for pastoral growth, but are aimed at presenting Jesus Christ and Christianity as cool and exciting.

As a subsidiary company, and the social communications arm of Couples for Christ, ABLAZE communicates the behavior and interaction of CFC, and the experience of our culture as a means of strengthening and unifying the community.  ABLAZE serves to enable and propel the vision and mission of CFC through social communication, which has become the chief means of information, education, and even guidance and inspiration of individuals, families, and society as a whole.

Vision: “A global brand, producing world class products and services that set the world on fire, with the flame of Christ.”

Mission: “Producing world class products and services that inspire people to embrace CFC mission as a way of life.”

What is the role of ABLAZE in CFC’s mission?

  1. ABLAZE reaches out to people in and out of CFC through multimedia and other forms of communication, thus supporting CFC’s work of global evangelization – building the church of the home, building the church of the poor.
  2. ABLAZE products are designed to help CFC members grow in all areas in their Christianity, and develop an appreciation for the life, mission and culture of CFC and its various family and social ministries.
  3. The fruits of the mission of ABLAZE is used to fund CFC’s evangelization programs, support local and overseas mission work, provide salaries for fulltime-workers, and in part, pay for the administrative expenses at the CFC Global Mission Center.



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